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Home Office Essentials for Remote Workers

Setting up your home office for success

With the rise of remote work culture, it’s more important than ever to have your home office set up for success. I have turned my full time at the office job into a part time job. And eventually I have cut the cord to work 100% remote.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there are certain things you need to make the most of working from home. In this blog post, I’ll cover everything you need to work from home like a pro – from the must-have essentials to set up your home office, to staying focused and motivated throughout the day.

Get ready to transform your home into an efficient and comfortable workplace that will help you achieve all your goals!

Benefits of working remotely

Remote jobs have a lot of benefits. For starters, you can take work with you wherever you go. No more being tied to a desk in an office – bye-bye office politics! Let’s not forget you’re not tied to one location and can work from anywhere.

Additionally, you can also set your own hours and take breaks when you want to. Not to mention that working remotely can save money on things like transportation and child care. There are some challenges to working remotely, but with the right tools and mindset, you can stay on top of your work and avoid getting overwhelmed.

Setting Boundaries: Time Management & Distractions

Assuming you have a dedicated workspace in your home, there are a few key things you can do to help manage your time and be productive while working from home.

1. Set a regular schedule and stick to it. A start and end time will help you to create solid boundaries and avoid working overtime to catch up on hours.

2. Make a daily to-do list and prioritize your tasks. This will help you to stay focused on what needs to be done and avoid getting sidetracked.

3. Take breaks throughout the day. Working from home can be isolating, so it’s important to take breaks to socialize or just step away from your work space for a few minutes.

4. Set boundaries with friends and family members. They must know when you are working and when you are available to enjoy your time with them.

5. Avoid distractions as much as possible. This can be difficult, but turning off your phone, closing social media tabs, and putting away any other potential sources of distraction will help you to stay focused on your work.

6. Make time for yourself outside of work. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you should forget about taking care of yourself. Make sure to schedule time for activities that you enjoy outside of work so that you don’t get burnt out.

Home Office Essentials

Remote Work Essentials

Home office desk

After months of hesitation I went and got a standing desk. It turned out to be the best investment for my company and my back. Why is a standing desk a must for anyone who works remotely? For starters, standing desks improve posture and reduce back pain.

Ok, it may seem counterintuitive, but standing desks can actually increase productivity. It not only improved my focus and energy levels, but led to me working better and faster.

Additionally they promote better circulation. When you sit all day, your circulation can suffer. But when you stand, blood flows more easily throughout your body, promoting better overall health.

So if you work remotely, be sure to invest in a standing desk! It’s an essential piece. Yes, some of them can be costly, but you can find options for a slightly lower budget.

Office Chair

Office chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but knee chairs are becoming increasingly popular for remote workers. Whenever I sit at my computer desk I always use this type of chair (or my yoga ball).

If you’re not familiar with a knee chair, it’s essentially a chair that allows you to sit with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. The slouching-days are over!

Second, they allow you to sit in a position that is more ergonomic and comfortable for long periods of time. I must admit it works wonders for my circulation by keeping my legs and feet elevated.

If you’re looking for an office chair that will help you stay comfortable and productive while working from home, a knee chair is definitely worth considering.

Other Home Office Mustings

Noice Canceling Headphones

If you’ve been working from home for a while now, you know how important it is to have a comfortable and functional home office setup. But one thing that many people overlook is the importance of having a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

I got the Bose QC 45 ages ago for traveling but boy, they came in handy at the home office! There are a lot of distractions that can come up when you’re trying to work from home – kids screaming, pets barking, neighbors mowing their lawns, etc. And trust me, those things can all make it very difficult to focus on your work.

With noise-cancelling headphones, you can block out all of the distractions and really focus on what you’re doing. Not only will you be more productive, but you’ll also find that you’re less stressed and more able to enjoy your work-from-home setup.

Those days I want to take my headphones off, I’ll turn on my bluetooth speaker and listen to music without lyrics. Binaural beats for example are my go-to option because I can’t sing along. 😉

Blue light glasses

We all know how important it is to protect our eyes when we’re staring at a computer screen all day. But did you know that blue light glasses can help reduce eye fatigue and dryness?

Blue light from screens can cause our eyes to work harder, which can lead to headaches, trouble sleeping, eye strain, and even long-term damage. Wearing blue light glasses when working at a desk can help reduce these risks by blocking out harmful blue light. And because they don’t have a magnification like reading glasses, they won’t interfere with your screen time. So if you’re looking for an easy way to improve your eye health, pick up a pair of blue light glasses the next time you’re at the store. These are the ones I picked up.

Blue Light glasses are a must-have office essential

Mugs and Tumblers

The moment I started working from home, I had to discipline myself to hydrate myself properly. Somehow I only remembered how to snack.

I got myself the TikTok famous Stanley-tumbler. It actually worked, I fill it twice, it stays cold all day and sip way more water than ever expected.

As for razor-sharp focus, I absolutely love the Four Sigmatic Lion’s mane & Chaga coffee blend. This mug from Kana London is my favorite piece of ceramics I owe. It might sound silly, but drinking out of this mug makes me feel I’m on top of the world.

External Hard drive

One of THE most important home office essentials is an external hard drive. Here’s why: You need extra storage space.

If you’re working remotely, you’re probably relying heavily on your computer. And if you’re relying heavily on your computer, you need a lot of storage space to keep everything organized and accessible.

You need to back up your data. Even if everything is stored on your computer, it’s important to back up your data in case anything happens to it. Bonus point for the flexibility to take your files with you wherever you go so you can work from anywhere.

A high quality hard drive is able to access and share files easily and quickly. This is the one I got. It’s not an SSD, but it still performs exceptionally well. It’s waterproof, dust tight, and drop shock resistant.

Cozy Extras

I’m one of those working-in-joggers types. These joggers are my absolute favorite. They are buttery soft and neutral enough to run out of the door in them. My fave sweater is called the Better Sweater for a reason. It’s the coziest piece of clothing I own. Never fails to keep me warm.

Especially during the winter, when the air gets dry, I use my Vitruvi diffuser. Considering I have a cat and a dog, I’m mindful not to burn any Eucalyptus, or citrus oils around them. These essential oils can be toxic for them.

My boss babe’s scent of choice is this. I figured that a whiff of my signature scent (office edition) can put me in a certain mood in an instant, no matter what office outfit I wear. This lip mask never leaves my office desk. It keeps the pout soft and moisturized.

Staying Motivated

Setting up your home office is essential for any remote worker looking to stay on top of the game. With the right setup, you can make sure that your workspace not only feels comfortable but also has all the necessary items needed to help you stay motivated and on-task. Looking for a pep talk? I’ve listed 20 Best Entrepreneur Books of All Time in this post.

From finding a suitable space in your home to stocking it with essentials such as an ergonomic chair, fun office supplies, headphones, and more – these tips will surely help you create a work from home area that makes working remotely feel like paradise.

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hello there.

I’m Anna,
Your new creative Friend.

Expert at content creation, wellness junkie, and my obsession is empowering others in their journey towards creative freedom.

I'm a small-town journalist, photographer, wellness junkie, and lover of life who is not afraid to enjoy the adventure. My definition of success is living my life in the most expressive and fulfilling way possible. 

hello there.

I’m Anna,
Your new creative Friend.

Expert at content creation, wellness junkie, and my obsession is empowering others in their journey towards creative freedom.

I'm a small-town journalist, photographer, wellness junkie, and lover of life who is not afraid to enjoy the adventure. My definition of success is living my life in the most expressive and fulfilling way possible. 

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