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10 Best Collage Apps for Instagram

Attention Instagram lovers! Are you tired of posting the same boring photos on your Instagram stories? Want to spice things up and showcase your creative side? In this blog post, I have curated the top 10 best collage apps for Instagram and will up-level your Instagram story game. We’ll discuss Unfold, Swipemix, and apps like Scrl.

Say goodbye to mundane pictures and hello to stunning collages. So let’s dive in and explore these amazing Instagram Collage apps that are sure to make your followers go WOW!

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Why should I consider using a collage app for instagram like Scrl or Swipemix?

Collage maker apps have truly transformed the way I share my Instagram Stories, and it’s evident why they are so adored by both my viewers and myself. These visually striking compositions add an extra layer of creativity to my stories, allowing me to blend multiple images seamlessly.

Instagram Collage Apps make your message POP!

The beauty of collages is that they break free from the constraints of a single static image, enabling me to craft a narrative that’s rich, diverse, and captivating. I’ve noticed that when I use Instagram collages, my viewers engage more eagerly, swiping through my Stories with anticipation.

I often receive compliments and inquiries from my followers about what collage app I advise to create these compelling Instagram collages for Instagram. Hence why I decided to share them in the best collage apps for Instagram article below 😉

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What is the app that makes Instagram carousel?

When it comes to creating engaging Instagram carousels, several apps like Scrl and SwipeMix offer intuitive design tools and templates to craft seamless multi-post images. These apps allow users to design captivating carousels that can tell a story, present a step-by-step guide, or showcase a portfolio in a visually dynamic way.

Best Collage App for Instagram

Below is a curated list of applications that enhance your Instagram presence with creative and professional-looking carousel posts:

1. Unfold

Best carousel app for Instagram carousel collage

Unfold app is a must-have social media Instagram collage maker for those who want to create elegant and sleek Instagram story posts. It offers various templates, from minimal to artistic, making it easy to showcase your creativity. It’s the best one regarding carousel collages.

The carousel photo app has a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize the layout. You can easily add multiple photos and videos, fonts, and color schemes.

One of the best things about this layout collage maker app is its ability to add your own content to one collage seamlessly. You can also incorporate text overlays with different font options that suit your style or brand aesthetics. Also, there’s a possibility of adding background music to your design.

My All time favorite Instagram Collage maker

The Collage Maker app itself is free, but some of its features are only available for premium users. However, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an app that produces high-quality Instagram collages without being too complicated.

I use the (paid) Pro version because I like to keep all my options open; believe me, the possibilities are endless! It’s by far the best Instagram collage maker/carousel app on the market. It offers tons of new ideas, and this version also allows you to create stunning bio sites on Instagram.

You also get access to stock images, which are very useful for backgrounds. If you prefer to keep it simple, you’ll also like the free option.

Unfold Instagram Collage App - 10 Best Apps to Make Collages for Instagram Stories


2. Swipemix

Best Instagram collage app for swiping

Swipemix app is one of the best editing apps out there for creating Instagram story collages. If you already like apps like scrl, you will appreciate this one even more. It’s a brilliant scrl app alternative with its easy-to-use interface. You can choose from a variety of layouts and designs to showcase multiple photos at once.

One feature that stands out in Swipemix is the “Swipe” option. This allows users to create multi-page stories with each page displaying a distinct part of their collage. It’s like flipping through a photo album right on your phone screen!

Another outstanding feature of this app is the ability to add text and stickers to your Instagram collages, making them more personalized.

Overall, Swipemix app offers endless possibilities for creating beautiful and unique Instagram collages. So why not download it today and start impressing your followers with stunning visuals?

Swipemix Instagram Collage App - 10 Best Apps to Make Collages for Instagram Stories


3. Mosaic

Best seamless photo collage app

With this best carousel pictures app, you can create a unique collage that showcases different moments in one cohesive image. The best part? You don’t need to be an expert graphic designer or have any experience in photo editing to use their collage template.

You simply take various images from your camera roll and arrange them into one unique pattern. It’s my favorite app in terms of ig collage ideas. If you like apps like swipemix and unfold, this one is the best of both worlds. It’s the best app to create instagram carousels.

Whether you want to show off your travel adventures or highlight special moments, mosaic app has got your back.


4. Mextures

Best app for enhancing Instagram posts and photos

Technically not a collage app but Mextures allows you to layer multiple textures onto one image, giving it depth and dimensionality. Hence why I like to include it in this list. You can also adjust individual elements like brightness, contrast, saturation, and more to achieve the perfect look. Plus, with its easy-to-use interface and intuitive controls, even beginners can make stunning edits in no time.

One of the standout features of Mextures is its “formula”. This feature enables users to save their favorite edits as presets for future use. I love its subtle dirt & scratches overlays.

Mextures Photo Editing app


5. Inshot

Best video editor app

The inshot app will appeal to those who want to learn how to collage videos and photos in Instagram stories. Its easy interface and variety of template options allow you to arrange your videos in different layouts. One great feature of this app is its ability to support landscape and portrait orientations. This makes it easy to mix and match photos taken from different angles.

The Inshot app also lets you crop your images to fit any frame size without losing their original resolution or clarity. Do you want to learn how to do a montage on Instagram or how to make a collage on Instagram story with videos? Then this app will be perfect for you!

InShot - Best Video editing app to create Instagram Stories


6. Canva

Best versatile of all the apps to make collages for Instagram

Canva is among the top apps to make Collages for Instagram Stories. Renowned for its versatility and user-friendly interface, Canva empowers users to effortlessly design and customize collages for Instagram Stories with a rich selection of templates and creative tools, ensuring that your Stories always captivate and engage your audience. I use the Pro version but there is so much to explore and create with the free one as well.

Canva Editing App - Best apps for creating stories for Instagram


7. Layout from Instagram

Most intuitive interface Instagram collage app

Layout from Instagram is a dedicated tool for crafting captivating collages specifically tailored for Instagram Stories. Developed by Instagram itself, this app streamlines the process of arranging multiple photos into eye-catching layouts, making it an essential choice among apps to make Collages for Instagram Stories. Its user-friendly interface and direct integration with Instagram ensure seamless sharing of beautifully arranged visual stories.

GET THE APP HERE Layout from Instagram

8. Adobe Express

Best collage maker for in dept designers

Adobe Express is a versatile and essential contender among other apps to make Collages for Instagram Stories. This multifaceted app empowers users to design and customize collages with ease, offering a wealth of creative templates and editing options. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a novice, Adobe Spark Post makes it effortless to craft captivating Instagram Stories collages that truly stand out, elevating your storytelling game.

Adobe Express Editing App - Best apps for creating stories for Instagram

GET THE APP HERE Adobe Spark Post

9. StoryChic

Fun elements for creating Instagram stories

StoryChic is a noteworthy addition to your apps to make collages for Instagram Stories. It distinguishes itself with a collection of stunning Instagram Stories templates and collage layouts. The collage maker app’s user-friendly interface and creative elements enable users to effortlessly craft engaging and visually appealing Stories, making it a great choice for those seeking to elevate their Instagram storytelling game with captivating collages.

Instagram Collage Apps Storychic Showcase - Best apps for creating stories for Instagram


10. StoryArt

Best for easy & aesthetically pleasing stories

StoryArt is a remarkable app for creating Collages on Instagram. This app offers a diverse array of Instagram Stories templates and collage layouts to help users create visually compelling stories. With its user-friendly interface and design elements, StoryArt simplifies the process of crafting engaging and aesthetically pleasing stories, making it an excellent collage maker for enhancing your Instagram storytelling through imaginative collages.

Storyart Editing App Showcase - Best apps for creating stories for Instagram


11. SCRL

Best simple and unique collage maker

The SCRL app is a versatile mobile application known for its powerful collage maker feature. With this app, users can easily create stunning collages by combining multiple photos into one cohesive design.

SCRL offers a user-friendly interface and various customization options. It’s a popular choice for those looking to craft visually appealing photo collages for social media, personal projects, or professional use. Whether you want to showcase your creativity or highlight memorable moments, SCRL’s collage maker simplifies the process, allowing you to express your unique style through imagery.

SCRL Instagram Collage App - 10 Best Apps to Make Collages for Instagram Stories


Frequently Asked Questions about choosing the best Collage App for Instagram

Are Instagram collage apps free to use?

Many Instagram collage apps offer free versions with basic features, but they often provide premium features or content that may require in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Which Instagram collage app is the best for beginners?

For beginners, user-friendly collage makers like Canva, Layout from Instagram, and Unfold are the best apps to create collages for Instagram due to their intuitive interfaces and pre-designed templates.

Can I use Instagram collage apps on both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, many Instagram collage apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms, making a collage maker accessible to a wide range of users.

Can I import photos from my camera roll or gallery into Instagram collage apps?

Yes, Instagram collage apps typically allow you to import photos from your device’s camera roll or gallery. But this, of course depends of the collage maker.

Can I schedule posts with collages created using Instagram collage apps?

Instagram collage apps primarily focus on the creation process. To schedule posts, you may need to use a separate social media scheduling tool.

What’s the best scrl app alternative?

If you’re looking for a great SCRL app alternative, try Unfold and PicCollage. Each of these alternatives has its own set of unique features, so the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and design preferences.

Swipemix Instagram Collage App - 10 Best Apps to Make Collages for Instagram Stories / best apps to make instagram stories

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Conclusion: Best Apps to make Collages for Instagram

When it comes to creating collages for Instagram feeds, there are many different apps you can use.

From free and easy-to-use apps like scrl, Adobe Spark and Canva to more feature-rich (but pricier) tools like Layout from Instagram or Pic Collage, you should have no trouble finding one that’s right for you.

Instagram Collage App - Best Collage Apps List

As mentioned previously, I consider Unfold one of the best apps to create collages for Instagram.

Whichever collage maker you choose, your followers will be impressed with the stunning visual impact of a professionally crafted collage!

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