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Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita: Hotel Review

In this extensive Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita Hotel Review, we delve into the various aspects of this luxury 5-star resort. We’ll discuss its opulent accommodations, top-notch facilities, and one-of-a-kind experiences that make this resort stand out. Join me as we journey through this heavenly retreat, where every moment combines exquisite natural beauty and refined elegance.

As a travel journalist, I got a chance to visit the breathtaking resort for an upcoming editorial feature for Columbus Travel Magazine. You can read more about my experience here: Comprehensive Guide to Mauritius

In this post, I’ll try to capture the essence of this luxurious retreat, which spans over 213 hectares of lush gardens and boasts 6 kilometers of stunning coastline. From the outset, it’s clear that the Four Seasons Mauritius is the epitome of opulence and tranquility.

Waving Palms at the pristine beach of the Four Seasons in Anahita, Mauritius - for seasons Mauritius

Four Seasons Resort in Anahita: Pure Luxury

As my taxi weaves through the tropical wildness of Beau Champ, I arrive at the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita. This sanctuary nestles in the heart of Mauritius’ unspoiled East coast.

This afternoon, alongside my friend Sandra, I’m set to explore the best of what Four Seasons Mauritius offers. From unwinding in the serene mangrove villas to discovering the culinary delights, the private beaches, and the exceptional Anahita Golf & Spa, our experience is about indulging in the finer aspects of the resort.

Location: A Serene Beachfront Sanctuary in Beau Champ

Located in the southeast corner of Mauritius, the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita is a peaceful haven approximately 45 minutes from the airport. The resort sprawls over 64 acres of lush tropical gardens. It overlooks a secluded lagoon, with the stunning Bambous Mountain as a spectacular backdrop.

This luxurious retreat offers breathtaking views and is conveniently located near numerous attractions. Guests can enjoy exciting activities like horseback riding, zip-lining, and quad biking at the nearby Domaine L’Etoile eco-park. For wildlife enthusiasts, ranger-led tours on Ile aux Aigrettes provide an intimate experience with the island’s rare flora and fauna. This tranquil beachfront location combines the allure of natural beauty with the excitement of outdoor adventures, making it an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and excitement.

Lobby & Check-In Experience at Four Seasons Mauritius

As soon as we arrive at the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita, situated in a gated community, we immediately feel the exclusivity. At the resort’s entrance, we are warmly greeted by attentive bellmen who escort us from our car to the stunning lobby, where check-in transforms into an experience.

The Grandeur of the Lobby

The lobby is grand and welcoming, with high, vaulted ceilings that exude an impressive ambiance. The breathtaking view of the property beyond catches my eye and offers a tantalizing glimpse of the paradise that awaits. The main hotel bar is central to the lobby, providing a hub of activity and relaxation. The seating is stylish and comfortable, inviting guests to linger and soak in the ambiance.

During our seated check-in, we are offered a refreshing welcome drink that perfectly captures the tropical essence of Mauritius, a delightful blend of lemongrass and pineapple. The check-in process is a formality and an enjoyable pause, setting the tone for our stay.

Coconuts on the beach of Île aux Cerfs, a private Island in Mauritius

Seamless Transition to Comfort

The journey to our villa is scenic as well as informative. Our bellman expertly navigates the grounds aboard a buggy and shares essential information about the resort’s restaurants and facilities. His insights added depth to our understanding and appreciation of the resort.

From our arrival to the moment we step into our villa, the entire experience is seamless, informative, and thoroughly executed, encapsulating the high standards of hospitality that Four Seasons is renowned for.

Luxurious and Thoughtfully Designed Pool Villas

The villa provides a stunning view of the serene mangroves. It is the epitome of a luxurious beach home away from home. The outdoor lounge area merges seamlessly with the natural environment, creating a space of relaxation and tranquility.

Four Seasons Mauritius Review: A Luxurious Stay at Anahita

A private sanctuary overlooking the mangroves

The villa’s interior reflects the creativity and innovation that are hallmarks of the Four Seasons brand. The clean-lined wooden and marble finishes, soft white paint, and cream curtains created a contemporary yet inviting atmosphere. Functional elements like the walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom with a bathtub and a unique outdoor waterfall shower adds to the overall experience of understated luxury.

Every detail in the villa is meticulously crafted. From the crisp bedding to the strategically placed art pieces that complement the room’s warm tones. The contemporary design remains cozy and welcoming, ensuring comfort and indulgence.

The ability to control the mosquito nets with a remote and fall asleep to the calming sound of the ocean is a great addition!


There’s no shortage of things to do at the Four Seasons Mauritius. Besides enjoying a range of soul-soothing treatments within its award-winning spa, there are cooking classes and cultural tours. You can, of course, hop on your private mountain bike and explore the surroundings. Unfortunately, I’m not a golfer, but the Ernie Els-designed golf course situated in the resort is supposed to be the Best Golf Resort in Africa and the Middle East, according to Golf Digest.

Dining: A Culinary Journey at Four Seasons Mauritius

The Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita is known for its exceptional dining experiences that cater to every palate.

UMI-ZAKA: An Evening of Fusion Cuisine

My culinary journey begins at Umi-Zaka, where the fusion of seafood-inspired Asian cuisine and an African island setting creates a multi-sensory dining experience. The starlit ocean side and subtle Japanese decor enhance the ambiance as we savor dishes prepared with local produce and herbs, including standout items like wasabi prawns and vegetable gyoza.

Chef Ritesh Rajguru not only outdoes himself with the wasabi prawns, vegetable gyoza, vegetarian sushi platter, mochi ice cream, and mango chocolate molten cake but also with the equally tasteful presentation of his dishes.

Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita Resort Restaurant -  Guests receive a bike at the Four Seasons Mauritius Resort - for seasons Mauritius

Bambou: The Breakfast Haven

Every morning during my stay, I indulge in their lavish breakfast buffet at Bambou, a feast for the senses. The variety of food items astounds me, from live egg stations to a dedicated pastry corner and an extensive selection of gluten-free options that exceed my expectations.

Personalized and thoughtful Breakfast service

One morning, while savoring my double-shot vanilla latte, the waiter named Vinesh approached me with a delightful surprise. He brings me freshly made gluten-free pancakes. He smiled and said, “I thought you might enjoy these too,” reflecting Bambou’s personalized and thoughtful service. This moment highlights Bambou’s exceptional attention to detail. It showcases the staff’s dedication to ensuring a memorable dining experience for every guest.

Blu’zil: Cocktails and Relaxation

As the sun sets, the Blu’zil bar transforms into the perfect spot to unwind with expertly crafted cocktails and a laid-back atmosphere.

La Plaz: Beachfront Dining at Ile aux Cerfs

Whenever I visit Ile aux Cerfs, eating at La Plaz is always a highlight for me. The food, particularly the wagyu burger and steak panini, will impress meat lovers. But to my surprise, there are delicious options for vegetarians, too! Additionally, the bar’s lively atmosphere provides a vibrant contrast to the more subdued restaurant setting.

Acquapazza with Chef Marco Garfagnini

Acquapazza showcases 2-Michelin star chef Marco Garfagnini’s culinary expertise, offering a high-end dining experience that could benefit from a faster service pace.

Lazy Fish: A Haven for Seafood Lovers

Lazy Fish is a paradise for seafood lovers. Although I have not dined there personally, it is renowned among guests for its fresh catch and innovative approach to seafood dining. The restaurant offers a unique concept of combining starters and dessert with the main course, providing a distinctive and complete culinary journey, especially for those who adore Fish. This experience is satisfying and memorable, reflecting the resort’s commitment to catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Room Service: Personalized Dining Experiences

The resort’s room service provides a personalized touch to every stay, offering romantic breakfast setups on the patio that turn each meal into a cherished memory.

Style and Character

The Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita is a luxurious and elegant resort that perfectly blends with the natural beauty of Mauritius. Its design complements the surrounding environment, featuring a variety of stunning pools, such as the infinity pool on Bambou Beach and the lap pool, where you can witness nature’s spectacle unfolding at dusk.

A Blend of Elegance and Natural Wonder

At this resort, guests are provided with a bicycle, creating a charming village-like atmosphere. The cycling paths, lined with beautiful fountain grass, lead to waterfront pavilions for dining and drinking located on the barachois. Additionally, an overwater spa offers stunning views of the mangrove. The resort features three private beaches, with Four Seasons Exclusive Beach being the most noteworthy. Here, you can relax under thatched umbrellas on a pristine stretch of powder-white sand and enjoy the azure sea. A sunglass polish is even provided to the guests who lounge on the sunbeds. You will take a 10-minute speedboat shuttle across the bay to Ile aux Cerfs to reach this exclusive beach.

The exceptional service starts at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita when guests arrive. The staff, many of whom have been part of the resort family since its opening, bring a personal touch to every interaction. They combine politeness with genuine warmth and have an in-depth knowledge of the local area.

Pools with a View: Infinity and Lap Pools

The resort has four stunning pools, each offering its unique experience. Among them, the tiered infinity pool on Bambou Beach and the 25-meter lap pool are noteworthy. At dusk, guests can witness the endemic Mauritian fruit bats diving gracefully among the fruit trees, adding a natural spectacle to the serene poolside experience.

Impressive range of activities at Four Seasons Mauritius

In line with Four Seasons’ commitment to providing unique and high-end experiences, the resort offers an impressive range of activities. For fitness enthusiasts, boxing lessons with an ex-Mauritian champion are available. Snorkeling trips in the crystal-clear waters of Eau Bleu, rich with tropical fish and led by WiseOceans guides, provide fun and learning opportunities.

Ernie Els-designed course at Anahita

Golf enthusiasts receive complimentary unlimited green fees at two championship golf courses: the Ernie Els-designed course at Anahita and the stunning Ile aux Cerfs. The resort also arranges private boat trips for up-close encounters with the wildlife at Grand Riviere Sud Est waterfall and explorations of the southeast islands. Additionally, cooking classes in the resort’s herb and vegetable garden offer guests a unique culinary experience.

Tranquil Wellness: Overwater Spa and Yoga Sessions

The overwater spa, a one-of-a-kind facility on the island, provides treatments in sea-facing suites that hover over the mangroves, offering a tranquil escape. Daily yoga sessions in a peaceful pavilion, led by Indian yoga master Prabir, add to the wellness offerings. Future additions to the resort, including a men’s grooming salon and a vegan restaurant, are eagerly anticipated.

For those planning a special celebration, the Four Seasons Exclusive Beach offers an idyllic setting for intimate weddings.

Does the resort have facilities for guests with disabilities?

The Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita is a highly inclusive resort. Most of its villas are wheelchair-accessible, and ramps are easily accessible where needed. It’s easy for guests with disabilities to move around the resort. The Garden residence villas with two or three bedrooms are especially suitable for such guests as they offer spacious interiors on one floor. The resort also provides club cars for transportation, which are always available, ensuring convenience and comfort for all guests.

Is the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius family-friendly?

For families, the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius provides a welcoming environment. The villa-living concept offers ample space and privacy, catering to the needs of families with children. The resort’s Hobbit Village kids’ club is a paradise for young guests. It is equipped with a central pool and fun activities like golf lessons, treasure hunts, and snorkeling trips. Older children can enjoy a center with a DJ booth and the latest computer games to entertain them. Younger children can also visit and feed the resort’s four giant Aldabra tortoises. Moreover, tailormade activities and eco-adventures in the nearby Domaine L’Etoile add to the family-friendly offerings, ensuring guests of all ages have an extraordinary experience.

Is the Four Seasons Mauritius worth it?

I recommend the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita for its breathtaking location, luxurious amenities, and sense of community. The resort values inclusivity and strives to provide joy to every guest, regardless of age or ability. It is more than just a place to stay; it is a destination that will capture your heart and create unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re looking for a solo retreat, a romantic getaway, or a family vacation, I wholeheartedly endorse the Four Seasons Mauritius as the perfect choice.

For booking and more info on pricing, Click HERE. If you’re looking for the finest hotels in Mauritius, read 15 Best Mauritius 5-Star Hotels & Luxury Resorts in 2024.

Note: this post takes part in my Columbus Travel Magazine Press Trip and the FS content creation project. As always, all opinions are mine, and mine only.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Four Seasons Resort in Mauritius

What makes the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita unique?

The resort stands out for its luxurious villas, exceptional service, and its stunning location on a secluded lagoon overlooking Bambous Mountain. It offers a range of activities, including a championship golf course, an overwater spa, and various water sports, making it unique in its blend of luxury, relaxation, and adventure.

What are the accommodation options at the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius?

The resort offers a variety of luxurious accommodations, including one- to five-bedroom villas. Each villa boasts private gardens, plunge pools, and exquisite views. The larger Garden Residence Villas provide expansive indoor space and are ideal for families or groups.

How is the spa experience at the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius?

The spa at the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius is a highlight, offering treatments in overwater suites that overlook the mangroves. It features a range of therapies, including massages with eco-friendly oils, and is known for its tranquil setting and expert therapists.

Can guests play golf at the Four Seasons Resort in Anahita?

Yes, golf enthusiasts can enjoy playing at two championship golf courses: the Ernie Els-designed course at Anahita and the Ile aux Cerfs course. The resort offers complimentary unlimited green fees, making it an attractive destination for golfers.

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I'm a small-town journalist, photographer, wellness junkie, and lover of life who is not afraid to enjoy the adventure. My definition of success is living my life in the most expressive and fulfilling way possible. 

hello there.

I’m Anna,
Your new creative Friend.

Expert at content creation, wellness junkie, and my obsession is empowering others in their journey towards creative freedom.

I'm a small-town journalist, photographer, wellness junkie, and lover of life who is not afraid to enjoy the adventure. My definition of success is living my life in the most expressive and fulfilling way possible. 

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